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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Legacy of Slain Dragons

Mix greed, arrogance, power, money, sex, drugs, gambling, and alcohol.....then what you get is the likes of Tom Schneider, former mayor of Lawrence, and Jack Cottey, former sheriff of Marion County.

The two formed an evil alliance many years ago. Perhaps this is an epic story akin to Darth Vader falling to the dark side. If you read any of the history of these two and it seems they were all American boys. The story goes that they were religous, served the military, served their community as law enforcement officers, and were family men. Albeit, though, Jack Cottey has been married a half dozen times and seems to think of himself as a modern day Casanova. Will we ever know whether their decline in personal ethics was the evil of politics or deep character flaws? It may be as simple as these two being a couple of drunken buffoons who made poor choices. Who knows? Maybe drink did lead them to the well of corruption. Perhaps, one day, they will tell their stories from their death beds, after a long term in prison.

They are both retired now. However, they did not go quietly into the night. These two did not fade away like good soldiers. No they, had to be slain like fire breathing dragons. It is just too bad that they had to burn so much of the countryside in their retreat as they tried to make a getaway.

"The couple is only half drunk here", said a bystander.
Tom Schneider on the left and Jack Cottey on the right.

Read about the dynamic duo's dirty politics here.

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Sheriff Jack Cottey
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Below is the reprinted article from the Indianapolis Star:

Read in original format here.

In Lawrence, politics is a spicy recipe
Start with controversial mayors; add 2 parks boards; toss in feuding officials, an identity change, public dismay.

Main players

• Mayor Deborah Cantwell shook things up in her first term in office but also angered many City Council members.

• Former Mayor Thomas Schneider's decisions continued to dominate the discussion in Lawrence, particularly his 2001 decision to privatize the city's water utility.

• Michael L. Lawson, who was deputy mayor under Schneider, disputed Cantwell's claims that he and other water company executives misused money from ratepayers.

• Deputy Mayor David Rapp angered council members when he quarreled with one council member at a parks board meeting.

• Democratic Councilwoman Linda Treat, with whom Rapp argued, emerged as a critical opponent of the mayor.

• Township Assessor Paul Ricketts worked behind the scenes with Republican council members. He has regularly been rumored to be a potential mayoral candidate.

By Andy Gammill
January 3, 2005

FBI agents are investigating the previous mayor. The city of Lawrence has two parks boards -- and nobody can say which of the two is legitimate.

The deputy mayor reportedly tussled with a city councilwoman at a meeting, and first-year Mayor Deborah Cantwell said she so feared for her life that she hired a bodyguard.

Call Star reporter Andy Gammill at (317) 444-2607.


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